“I was diagnosed by doctors to have a quarter size cyst located in the inside area of my right ankle. The doctors wanted to do a surgical procedure to remove this cyst. I asked Lorraine to lay her hands on the cyst so that I could possibly avoid surgery. As Lorraine had her hands on the cyst I could literally feel a bubbling sensation in that area. When Lorraine was through the cyst was gone. My son who is an emergency room doctor confirmed what I had felt…the cyst was completely gone.”

M.E., Port Charlotte, FL

“Thank you so much for the “Soul Retrieval.  The crystal that you sent me which contains my returned soul parts and power animals had so much energy that it almost took my breath away as I placed it over the area of my heart.  I must say I do feel better this week both physically and emotionally plus have more energy than ever before.  So for sure something very positive took place for me.

Pat M., Cottonwood, AZ


“Lorraine is truly a gifted person with a kind and generous spirit.  She has an exuberant personality that puts one at ease immediately!  Lorraine has used her gifts of healing and insight to bring balance and peace into my life.  She has taught me about the therapeutic effects of oils, and the benefits of meditation, and the importance of living in the present.  If you are looking for healing for you mind, body, spirit I don’t think you will be disappointed if you contact Lorraine”

Jennifer, OH

“In the fall of 2007, I enrolled in a Metaphysics class taught by Lorraine at a local college.  The classes covered a wide gamut of topics including energy healing, shamans, chakras, angels, spirit guides, crystals, gemstones and spiritual energy centers.  Lorraine was a very informative, dynamic teacher who designed interactive lessons that sparked much discussion.  With each successive week, I became increasingly interested in the subject matter especially in the area of healing.  Two years prior to the class, I survived a bicycle accident against all odds.  I broke nine ribs in multiple places, sheared my rotator cuff off at the humeral head, and needed pain blocks to breathe and move about.  In spite of all that a number of specialists did, the chronic pain continued.
Lorraine was very approachable and genuinely interested, so one day after class, I shared my story with her.  She immediately offered to do a healing session for me.  Lorraine, as of this writing, has done several healing sessions with me.  Some have been at my home, and others she did from a distance.  I remain amazed at the relief she has given me and at her sincere commitment to help me.
A week ago, I had foot surgery and had a very bad reaction to the prescribed pain medication.  I called Lorraine and she came and once again worked on me in her gentle, quite way.  Within hours, my pain was gone and it has not returned.  I still have 7 weeks of recovery ahead of me but I am doing it without meds, thanks to Lorraine.
Lorraine is truly gifted and I would recommend her unqualifiedly to anyone in need of healing.”

Carol Archuleta, Cleveland, OH

“A reawakening of the soul!  So often we can get ‘caught up’ in the ungrounded state of managing our ever changing and multitasking day to day lives on the go and never stopping to refocus and gain better clarity.  Lorraine’s healing presence has reawakened a side of me that has been overshadowed by the perils of daily stressors; creating a better sense of self and overall balance of energy, health and vitality.”

Stacy B., Cleveland, OH

I felt your wonderful energy and compassion as you worked on my sabasish cyst that was located in my head.  When I contacted you I was at my wits end as the doctors could not help me with this cyst and I was losing vision in my left eye from the cyst.  You were able to help elevate my headaches, get the swelling in my neck to go down and get the cyst to start draining to the surprise of the doctors.  Since you have been able to do all of this for me, the doctors can now operate on the cyst and remove any of the infection that is left in the tracks of the cyst.  You did it, GREAT JOB, you kept it from going anywhere near the brain!!  Thank you!!!

Jan K., Prescott, AZ



Lorraine Scott helped me so profoundly that I am certain of her healing gift.  She is a channel, antennae, for pure love and goodness.  Lorraine lets this good healing energy flow allover humankind, with astounding results.  I suspect her gift is a weighty responsibility and takes her places that most of us wouldn’t or couldn’t go.  Thank you Lorraine for doing this for us.”

Holly Shulman, Albany, NY

“During the first day of a recent seminar that Lorraine attended, which I was a facilitator, I started to become ill.  While dinning with Lorraine that evening she noticed that I was not feeling well.  She then proceeded to ask me if she could place her hand in front of my forehead.

As soon as she did this I could feel the warm healing energy flowing through her hand into my forehead.  I started to have instant relief as I drank in this beautiful healing energy into my body.

By the next morning I was completely cured and had more energy than I ever did before in my life.
Lorraine touched me…she literally touched me.  Her compassion for me helped to alleviate my discomfort.  Her intervention immediately halted ‘whatever’ was trying to interfere with the enjoyment of the seminar.”

Mona Polacca…(One of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers) AZ 

“My husband Adam died by suicide.  Lorraine came to my house and instantly felt his presence and his anguish.  She said she saw him at a very neat desk-Adam was obsessively neat.  He told her that there were ‘two people’ in his mind-the one I knew and the dark side that eventually committed suicide.  My brother had said, ‘The Adam we knew was murdered by the Adam we didn’t know.’  I asked Lorraine to have Adam show me some sign that he was truly communicating with us.  He showed her his left hand.  Adam was left-handed.  He also patted Lorraine’s arm 3 times.  That was something Adam and I did all the time-three pats for ‘I love you.’  Since then, Lorraine has helped me decipher the dreams, I have about my husband, some of them quite nightmarish.  She says he hasn’t crossed over yet, that he is still here watching over me.  I believe he is.”