Hands on Healing – enables the practitioner to tune into a client’s energy frequency in order to scan and pinpoint any areas affected by illness or injury.  Imbalances are corrected, the natural energy flow is reestablished, and the healing is then complete.  Healing can be done long distance, as well.

Mediumship – provides communication between the living and those who have passed on.  A medium functions in two or more different energy planes at the same time, with the purpose of receiving and delivering messages, both ways.  The client may have unanswered questions, something he would like to express, or perhaps there is a need of another chance to say good-bye.  Mediumship is a very powerful healing tool.  It is comforting to know that life continues and that our loved ones remain near.  Mediumship bridges the gap between this world and the other and can therefore facilitate healing on both planes.

Shamanism (Soul Retrieval) – involves healing at the spirit/soul level.  A person, who does not feel in control of his life, has lost a loved one, is depressed, has been abused, has had a traumatic accident, or is unable to move forward on certain issues, can benefit from working with a Shaman.  In an attempt to save parts of the soul, in these trying life circumstances, the person sends them out, into the universe.  A Shaman’s job is to journey to other worlds to connect with their power animals and teachers who will aid in the retrieval of these soul parts.  Within the soul parts are gifts, talents, and strengths that will help the client deal with and work through issues he is facing, thus making him whole again.

Animal Communications, Healing, and Locating Lost Pets – works much the same with animals as with humans, but on a different vibrational frequency.  The animals communicate their physical and emotional needs…or their location when “lost.”

Past Life Regression – utilizes deep breathing, rather than hypnosis, to guide the client back to previous lifetimes.  In an altered state, the client is able to recognize and recover memories that may play an important role in their current life.  Often, knowledge and awareness of these past experiences can help one to better understand what is happening in the present time, both physically and/or emotionally.  This information opens channels to positive changes and facilitates healing on all levels.

Progression Therapy – allows one to move forward in time – even to future lives.  The client is able to experience the future in a deeply relaxed state – and remember all he has seen at the end of the session.  Each person is able to determine what he or she wants to see.  With knowledge of the future, one can enjoy, or change, the present.

Rebirthing Therapy – opens all of the chakras in order to clear negative energy that has been blocking the client.  Here, the primary tool is breathwork, a technique which allows one to breathe through pain, trauma, or fear that the client may be experiencing.  Problems are released, freedom and inner peace are achieved, and the client is able to feel the healing energy and flow of his breath throughout the entire body.